Facebook Page and Name on Page

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When our Facebook page and our website: http://www.ctpatriotguard.com was created there was a lot of discussion at the time about the word “Riders”. It is not necessary to ride a motorcycle to be a member of our organization. Our national organization is named: Patriot Guard Riders. We do not want to deviate from that title. We are also known as Patriot Guard Riders of CT – as registered with the State of Connecticut. Another name we are also known as is CT Patriot Guard Riders. Therefore, the Facebook page name as been changed to Connecticut Patriot Guard Riders to enable us to be consistent with the national organization and all the state Patriot Guard Riders in our country. This does not change a thing about our goals and objectives. It justs put our name on the Facebook page consistent with our national organization of: Patriot Guard Riders: https://www.patriotguard.org .

Thank you,

Social Media Team