Important Message about The National PGR Website

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Important Message about The National PGR Website


Fellow Patriot Guard Riders:
In this virtual world in which we communicate daily there are mechanisms in place that generally serve us well. On occasion there are issues that arise that we have little, if any control over. As most of you already know, the website recently underwent a complete rebuild. The web team was in the process of resolving a few issues when there was a catastrophic hardware failure. 

During a database maintenance procedure, a disk drive failed and the database was corrupted. Before the backup could be restored, it too became unusable. The only backup that remained unscathed was one that was made immediately after our initial migration to the new site. We would like to apologize for the latest issue with the Patriot Guard Riders website. 

How does all this affect you?  
All changes that were made after the migration (user registrations, modifications, etc) had to be redone. We were able to go back into the Contact mailbox to re-address most of the member issues sent in post migration. Please check your email for instructions prior to attempting to log into the site to see if your account has already been reset. We have also worked with the ISPs that have historically had issues with PGR mail (Comcast &AOL) to make yet more changes they requested to allow bulk email through their sites.

Please take the time and log back into the site.  This is the only database we use to maintain our Statewide mailing lists.  The next time we create those lists, it will be from this database.  If you haven’t logged in and verified your account your email will not be transferred to the Statewide mailings lists and you may miss important mission notifications.

When going through the reset password function, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. If you created an account After October 1, 2013, then you will need to recreate that account again.
  2. To reset your password again, follow the password reset steps outlined at the top of the page. You will receive TWO emails as part of that reset process. The first email will have a link you must click on to reset your password and receive the second email with the temporary password. The second email will also have a link that you must follow to change your password. It will take you to a screen that will allow you to enter the temporary password and your new password.
  3.  If you do not receive any of the emails, or you receive an error that you have entered an invalid email address, then there is a problem with the email on your account and will need to be corrected before you can continue. Send an email and include you UserID and the old email address if possible. The Account Team can update your profile and reset your password for you.
  4. Another issue is that you may have multiple accounts tied to a single email address, the server will send an email for EACH account tied to the email address. Each email sent is specific to the email/link/password that is addressed in the email. If you receive an email with a different UserID than you expect, please send an email to


If you have any problems resetting your password or logging in to the national site – please send an email to and include your UserID.

We would like to thank you for your patience during this challenging time. We would also like to thank our web team - Drew ‘BSDBluz’ Berendts and Robert ‘Gator’ Collins for their devotion to resolution.


Tony “Zap” Turner
National Communications Officer
Patriot Guard Riders
Virginia State Captain – Emeritus 

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