2012 Beginnings and Goals

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Greetings from the State Captain for the Patriot Guard of Connecticut.

As we begin 2012 and take a brief look back into 2011. I want to thank each and every one of you for your time and service.

My goals for 2012 are the following:

1.  Continuing to ensure we meet every requested commitment. We have not missed a requested mission in 2011 and our goal is to ensure that outstanding track record for 2012.

2.  Increase member engagement

3.  More people on our flag lines

♦Secure flag transports and staging of flags throughout Connecticut for easy access
Leverage the knowledge, skills and abilities of general members who wish to become more
active in our missions,projects, fundraisers, and other activities.
♦We will be looking for more membership participation in special
missions and projects that are not Honor Missions. Example: Chili cook off, Spring breakout
ride, flag transports,  Patriot Guard booths at events and other activities.
Increase opportunities for “meet and greets” as well as other social opportunities where
members can meet and discuss Patriot Guard matters.

4.  Increase communication

♦Continue to share information readily with membership
♦Launch a new website to provide information for members and general public
♦Continue to leverage the skills of our leadership and hold regular conference calls and bi-annual
♦Increase knowledge of our mission and services with our membership to help get referrals for our
veterans, first responders and their families.
♦Develop a comprehensive communication plan with: media, veterans organizations, police, fire
and EMS associations, military public relations officers and funeral homes so they are aware of
Patriot Guard of Connecticut and our services.

5) Professionalism and Safety

♦Ensure professionalism in all that we do on the flag line, all interactions and in peer interactions.
♦Strong focus on safety on all missions and escorts.

I am completely committed to our mission and services and I need your help to have another successful year in 2012. Should you have feedback, ideas or suggestions, my door is always open!

Please take a moment to introduce you self out on the flag line – I am on the Fire Red Harley Street Glide or Dodge Ram Flag Truck, both with plates “Flag 7.”

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Gregg “Flag 7″ Barratt
Patriot Guard Riders
Connecticut State Captain