Patriot Guard Definitions


Patriot Guard: The Patriot Guard Riders

Flagline: A formation of individuals in the Patriot Guard, each carrying an American flag, standing in a flagline as directed by a Ride Captain, Assistant State Captain, or the State Captain. The Flagline is intended to show respect. In formation of a flagline all cell phones are turned off, there are no photographs taken by anyone in the flagline, as a sign of respect the Patriot Guard in the flagline stand at attention, the flag is held in the right hand, and while holding the flag in the flagline the Patriot Guard do not salute the flag – holding the flag in the right hand and standing at attention replaces the hand salute.

State Captain: (Abbreviated S.C.) The primary contact for all statewide Patriot Guard missions and events. He/She is in charge of all the Patriot Guard for the respective state. He/She coordinates missions and/or events for any event time or event. He/She is the primary contact for anyone at the National Patriot Guard level for any reason at all. He/she delegates duties of other Patriot Guard as well as the designation of Ride Captains as possible.

Assistant State Captain: (Abbreviated A.S.C) The right and left arm of the State Captain. He/She will step into the position of State Captain whenever necessary.

Cage: A car, truck, or van; more commonly known as automobiles. The name stems from being all cooped up inside a closed shell, with no contact with the outside air.

Cager: A person driving a car, truck, or van. Cage operator, or driver.

Colors/Colours: Signifies a motorcycle club or organization patch.

Patriot Guard Riders of CT,Inc.: Connecticut Patriot Guard Riders. CT PGR

Senior Ride Captain: (Abbreviated S.R.C.) The most (probably) experienced Ride Captains. A Senior Ride Captain is a source of information. Their job is to know the qualities and skills of each Ride Captain in order to make sure the right person is chosen for each mission.

Ride Captain: (Abbreviated R.C.) is designated by the State Captain. The Ride Captain coordinates the participation of Patriot Guard during a mission. He/She is the person in charge of this Patriot Guard while on the mission.

Ride Captain In Charge: (Abbreviated RCIC) is the designated person in charge of the mission at hand. This designation is made by the State Captain or Assistant State Captain (if the State Captain is not available)

Pre-Mission Briefing: This is fairly self-explanatory. The Ride Captain brief the Patriot Guard on activities, where they are going, what to do once they arrive at their their mission destination. Prior to the Pre-Mission Briefing, the Ride Captain has already gone on the route. At this time he/she makes observations of the terrain, the landmarks, the traffic, etc. At the Pre-Mission Briefing, the Ride Captain will share any pertinent findings with the Patriot Guard participants of the pending mission. This is all in the mind frame of safety of the participants being in the fore front of everyone’s thoughts.

Road Blocker: A blocker – either motorcycle or cage – placed across a road, for halting or hindering traffic, as to facilitate the Patriot Guard members to ride together in a mission or as an escort for a mission.

Staging: The location of where the Patriot Guard, on a mission, gather to go to a mission together.

Secondary Staging: The location where Patriot Guard gather to go to the Staging area, prior to a mission.

Hawks: favor war

Doves: favor peace

Respect: The only prerequisite to be a Patriot Guard.

Call a Mission: This can also be referred to as “writing a mission.”  This is the action compiling an official mission for Patriot Guard to stand.  This is done by any Connecticut Ride Captain.  This includes gathering all the data, logistics, designation of RCIC, etc for the mission to be complete.  This can involve contacting the funeral home, Casualty Affairs Officer, Public Affairs Officer, person designated as the primary point person of contact for the mission to be accomplished, the family, etc.  In regards to an honor mission, the family should be the very last person to contact – if the data can be obtained without the involvement of the family that is the primary goal.  The family is grieving and any protection, on whatever level, we can provide the family the better

Posting a Mission: This is referred to posting an actual mission on the website and Facebook.  This only occurs after an official mission has been received from the National Moderators.  This is done by the Social Media Team members.