General Facts and Information

Personal Liability:

Riding motorcycles or driving cars/trucks has inherent risks involved. We all know that accidents do happen. Given this fact, everyone in attendance agrees they are participating in a Patriot Guard Riders of CT, Inc. mission of their own free will and agree to NOT hold the State Captain/Ride Captain/Membership liable should anything of this nature occur.  When riding in an escort we ride in group formation, typically staggered.  You must judge your own experience level and never ride beyond your capabilities.  If you are a new rider, please ride at the back of the group.  You and you alone are ultimately responsible for you own safety.

No alcohol consumption:

There will be no consumption of alcohol while on a mission and if you are under the influence of alcohol or any non-prescribed-drug you will be asked to leave and if necessary the local authorities will be called.

Staging Briefing:

All mission will have a designated Staging Area and an RCIC Mission Briefing will be conducted.  Members have a right to know what is going on and what is expected of them.  We must always remember that each and every mission is different and all phases of the mission are not under our control.  We must remain flexible and at all times show honor and respect.

Leadership Responsibility:

Each Patriot Guard Riders of CT, Inc. leader is answerable to the person that stands in the flag line. We attend each mission as invited guests and must at all times exhibit honor and respect.  As leaders it is our responsibility to lead by example.

Our Bottom Line Goals and Objectives:

To perform within our guidelines while doing whatever we can to make the family happy, we are to honor their requests.