Flag Line Guidelines

Standing with Honor and Respect –  The Patriot Guard Riders of CT Flag Line symbolizes an endearing protective barrier of love, honor and respect for our fallen hero and family. The Flag Line is our most sacred symbol and represents the essence of our core values as Patriot Guard Riders. Honor, reverence, dignity, respectfulness, humbleness and love. We are judged by all who view the Flag Line and our conduct and demeanor ultimately translate into lasting impressions. Flag Line decorum is one of the most important tenets of the the Patriot Guard Riders of CT.

If you are standing on the flagline, holding a flag – you always hold the flag on your right with your hand.  When you are holding your flag, you NEVER salute.  If you are standing a flagline, holding a flag, you are considered as saluting.  The flag remains upright at all times when on the flagline, they are never lowered or tipped.

Please pay attention and listen carefully to the mission briefing provided by the Patriot Guard Riders of CT Captain in Charge (RCIC). If you are a new member of the Patriot Guard Riders and have not participated in a Flag Line, let the RCIC know so additional information can be provided. The RCIC will establish the flag line location, position and spacing.  Members are reminded to turn off or place cell phones/pagers in the silent mode. Cell phone use in the Flag Line is prohibited. Smoking or eating in the Flag Line is prohibited. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. Flag bearers are reminded to stand in silence and in reverence of the solemn occasion.

Flags are obtained from the flag vehicle and are unfurled prior to moving to the Flag Line and at the end of the service are furled at the flag vehicle. Flags must always be held straight up and are never dipped or allowed to touch the ground. At the appropriate time the RCIC or his designee will call the Flag Line to attention and present arms anytime the casket is being moved and at rendering of honors (taps and rifle salute).