Patriot Guard Photography Etiquette

The Patriot Guard National organization has photography etiquette for the photograph gallery on the national web site.

The etiquette is:

“On your missions you may take photos and or videos with respect. Please respect the family and fallen hero by not photographing them, the casket, or the hearse, unless requested. Photos such as these, as well as those of “uninvited guests”, will not be posted in the gallery in respect for our hero and the family.”

Patriot Guard Riders of CT, Inc. follows this etiquette protocol. We have many people who act on our behalf as photographers. These people are generous in sharing their photographs with the Patriot Guard Riders of CT, Inc. . The photographers who are also Patriot Guard members are aware of this etiquette protocol. That being said, you will NEVER see a Patriot Guard member photographing the family and fallen hero – either in the casket or the hearse – unless it is requested.

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