Mission Participants

As a Mission Participant you have an obligation to:

Listen closely to the Mission briefing that is delivered by the Ride Captain.

Our utmost goal is show respect.  This is done by how we conduct ourselves at all times, the minute we arrive at the mission site.  This means there should not be any loud talking.  There should not be talking during the flagline.  There should not be any smoking during the flagline.  Each one of us are responsible for policing the area of all trash.  Appropriate attire must be worn.  Missions are not fashion shows.  Comfortable shoes should be worn.  Revealing clothes are not suggested and are frowned upon.  Our goal is demonstrate the utmost respect for all involved.

Questions will be answered at the staging area.  The intent is for everyone to know what to do and where to go so that the mission runs smoothly

Bear in mind that the best-made plans can fall though, so we will remain flexible and deal with any obstacles that arise.