Shielding the Family at the Funeral and Graveside Service

We will stand shoulder to shoulder holding the American Flag, forming a shield between the funeral/memorial service and the protesters to protect the family of the fallen soldier.
We will turn our backs on protesters and maintain silence unless otherwise directed.

If requested, we recite patriotic slogans, pledges, sing patriotic songs, or play patriotic music.
Under no circumstances should anyone speak to or have physical contact with the protesters.
The flag line must maintain a solemn, reverent demeanor. No loud talking. Turn cell phones off. No smoking. If you need to do these things, please ask someone to relieve you so that you can take a break away from the flag line.


After the funeral service starts, the flag truck and most of the Patriot Guard may depart for the cemetery to create the avenue of flags at the graveside.

A motorcycle honor guard with flags will escort to the graveside