Flags on Motorcycles

DoD does not provide instructions or directives for displaying the US flag or other flags on motorcycles.

The Patriot Guard displays flags on motorcycles based on DoD Directive 1005.8 which provides instructions on order of flag display. This order is used by our escort squads in processions.

The Patriot Guard flies only one three-foot by five-foot flag on each motorcycle.

Motorcycles and trikes that follow the hearse and family shall display the US flag. Club, association, and organization banners / flags are not flown.

Non-flagged motorcycles and trikes will follow them.

“Cages” (vehicles) follow in the rear.

The Patriot Guard Ride Captain will designate a small group of riders to provide an escort squad in front of the hearse. The escort squad flies the flags in the following order.
U.S. (American)
Air Force
Coast Guard
Merchant Marine
Guard and/or Reserve (if present)
Unit or Divisional flags (if present)
Chaplain flag
KIA flag
Honor & Remember/Honor & Sacrifice
Patriot Guard Riders