Funeral Directors FAQ

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Do you charge for your services for military personnel, veterans and first Responders?
No – all of our services are free of charge

Do we have to show you the DD-214 or discharge papers to arrange for your services?
No.  If you call us and tell us the person is a Veteran, we will accept that statement.  However, it is helpful for us to have a copy of that because use we can help to register that military personnel and veteran on national memorial registries after which we provide the family information that we find is much appreciated.

Do you arrange for Military Honors?
No.  The responsibility for making these arrangements is outside the scope of our services although we work very closely and effectively while at missions with the Honor Guards.

Do you have a presentation I can obtain to visually show a family the types of services you offer when I am speaking with them on funeral arrangements?
Yes.  Please contact State Captain Gregg Barratt at 

We are doing just a wake at the funeral home and no interment or religious service.  Will your organization come out for this?
Yes.  A Ride Captain (the designated person in charge of the mission will be coordinating the services with you regarding the veteran and first responder)  will be glad to discuss your services and how we can help.  However, if the Wake is several hours long or broke up into two time periods, we may only be able to attend for a portion of the time period.

Do you provide escorts from the home, Funeral Home, Church or place of arrival if military personnel?
Yes.  A Ride Captain will be glad to discuss your services and how we can help.

Occasionally, we will have a veteran or first responder who does not have Pallbearers.  Would your members assist us.
Yes.  A Ride Captain will be glad to discuss your services and how we can with that part of the service.