Patriot Guard Acroynms

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ASC:  Assistant State Captain

CAO:  Casuality Affairs Office or Casuality Affairs Officer

CT PGR, CTPGR:  Patriot Guard Riders of CT, Inc.

CTSP: Connecticut State Police

CT:  Connecticut

FD: Fire Department

HOTH:   Help on the Homefront

KSU:   Kick Stands Up

LEO:   Law Enforcement Officer

LDF:   Legal Defense Fund

MIAP:   Missing in America Project

PD:   Police Department

POC:  Point of Contact

PGR:   Patriot Guard Rider

RC:   Ride Captain

RCIC:   Ride Captain In Charge

SRC:   Senior Ride Captain

SC:   State Captain

UG:  Uninvited Guests

WAA:   Wreaths Across America