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Change is in the air.  Just like life being fluid, responsibilities of this website is a little fluid.  As the creator of the website, I have worked to establish a site that that our state Patriot Guard Riders can be proud to share and use.  I recently had the opportunity to mentor an collaborate with the New Hampshire Patriot Guard with their new website.  They have used our site as a foundation for their new website.  Their website continues to evolve.  You can see their site here:

After reviewing their website I felt our buttons on our site looked to “cartoonish”.  Also, I have been reading many articles that the background image detracts from the main purpose of the site.  The goal of any website is to make the information clear, useful, non-eye tiring, and effective get the sites out.  The background has a tendency to detract from the message you are trying to convey.  I am currently seeking opinions of leadership whether or not to leave the background image up or not.  As you can see there is currently not a background image.  Our goal is to make our site look as professional as possible.  Once a decision as been reached I will share the conclusion.

As you might have noticed some of the buttons on the website have been changed.  The goal is to make all buttons consistent with each other.  I have a few more to make, but eventually they all will have a consistent appearance – which should also contribute to a more professional appearance.

Finally, I have reached a decision it is time for me to step back into the background in regards to the website.  The Social Media Manager has spoken to the Social Media Team.  As a team they have stepped up to take over the responsibilities of the website coordination.  I will become part of their team and will take guidance from the Team Manager.  This change will not be immediately, but in a transitional process.  This opportunity has been quite an opportunity for me and I appreciate leadership instilling the faith in myself to get this site up and running.  But it now a time for me to fade back into the recesses of the background.  Stand-by for further updates and announcement of the final transition.

Thank you,

Carol Casey