Chili Cook Off News

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Hi All,

This is it people, we have less than one week to go until our main fundraiser of the year to help our veterans and we are still short on volunteers ..With 1500 members you would think we would not be looking for volunteers with less than one week to go but that’s not the case…

The short of it is We still need Volunteers!!!!… Our Saturday time slot of 7am -11am is short on help and Sundays slot of 7am-11am is very short.. We also need some more help in the 1pm-5pm…on Sunday..

We also could use some help for a few hours on Friday as well….8:30am until around 12pm or so.

I want to to thank all that have volunteered so far, without all your support and dedication we would not be able to accomplish this..I also want to apologize for the incorrect e-mail address in a previous statewide that caused many of you grief..

If you can help in the time slots we need, please contact me at

We are down to the wire here folks our veterans are depending and counting on you.

Gregg “Flag 7” Barratt
Patriot Guard Riders
Connecticut State Captain