Connecticut Cruise News – Mar/Apr 2012

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Patriot Guard Riders

The Connecticut Patriot Guard Riders started off this issue standing a flag line on Feb 13th in Woodbridge for Roland Dahlin Jr., a Navy veteran who served during the Korean War aboard the USS Owen (DD 536). The next Honor Mission for on Feb 18th at Middletown Veterans Cemetary for Spc. Jose Antonio Avino-Muniz who served in the Army during the Vietnam Era.

On Feb 20th, we were honored to have been invited by the CT National Guard to attend a hero’s welcome home for 30 Airmen from the 103rd Civil Engineering Squadron who have been stationed in Afghanistan. It was late in the day and dark when these Heroes arrived home at the Air Guard Base but the beaming faces of their families and the cries as they welcomed them home definitely lit up the night for these Heroes who have been away for so long. The CT PGR was honored to be able to stand there, flags in hand, to show our support for the CT National Guard and their families.

On Feb 26, We were again honored with an invitation from The Connecticut Rolling Flags, to participate in a special mission as we have the last two years, for the Cindy M. Beaudoin Memorial. Of note, there will also be a ceremony by Honor & Remember as they will present the family with an Honor and Remember Flag. Spc. Beaudoin died Feb. 28, 1991, on the battlefield during Operation Desert Storm, was a member of CT Army National Guard’s 142nd Medical Co, and was killed 8 hours after a cease fire was declared. Following are the words from a tribute, written by Bobby Easton, a proud officer of CT Rolling Flags and the CT PGR.

Angel In The Sand
by Bobby Easton “92”


She was just out of high school when she answered the call,
To stand up for her country, over in the Gulf.
She was as pretty as a picture, and as gentle as a lamb,
Yet she made the ultimate sacrifice, she died for Uncle Sam.


On February Twenty Eighth, Nineteen Ninety One,
Her convoy was ambushed beneath that hot Iraqi sun.
She never knew what struck her, that blow from a tyrant’s hand,
Now her laughter’s just an echo, from an Angel In The Sand.


Sweet Angel In The Sand, looking down from above,
You can see how much your missed, you can feel how much your loved.
Together we shall stand our ground ’til justice is at hand,
‘Cause you’ll always be our hero, Sweet Angel In The Sand.


Cindy, Our Dear Sweet Cindy, you did not die in vain,
For now you guard the streets of Heaven ’til we all shall meet again.
God will be your new Commander as you take your heavenly stand,
To watch o’r your friends and family ’til they reach The Promise Land.


Sweet Angel In The Sand, looking down from above,
You can see how much your missed, can feel how much your loved.
Yes together we all shall stand our ground, ’til justice is at hand.
So as we bid adieu, may God bless you, Sweet Angel In The Sand.

God Bless You Cindy!


On Mar 4th, we participated in a Welcome Home for a Navy SEAL down in the lower Naugatuck River valley. I don’t want to mention his name or location for security reasons, but those of us that attended will always remember him. The community really turned out for this with half a dozen fire trucks, a large garrison flag over the road, and a total of around a hundred people (CT PGR, firemen, friends, & neighbors) in attendance. Once the Hero arrived home to thunderous applause, he showed his class and how appreciative he was by walking the crowd and shaking the hands of everyone there that welcomed him home, all 100+ of them. These are the kind of missions we really enjoy attending, welcoming home our heroes and thanking them for their dedicated service. It is really gratifying to see the community turn out in such force, to see that they appreciate the sacrifices these servicemen and women are going through.

While at this mission, we received short notice for a Honor Mission the very next day. But with less than 24 hours notice, the CT PGR supported the family of Charles Gionet, an Army veteran with the 1st Cavalry in Korea, serving as a tank mechanic. We provided a flag line at the church in Prospect, a flag motorcycle escort to the cemetery, and another flag line at the cemetery in North Haven.

That’s it for the missions since the last CT Cruise News issue deadline. As always, we invite you to come out and join us in our mission to honor this country’s veterans at their funeral services. Come out to one, grab a Flag and stand alongside us, experience the same satisfaction the rest of us do. You’ll be back.

The CT Patriot Guard has a new website, that we’re extremely proud of. Go to to check it out or to join up.                                                                                                         (Article by Jay D Koonz)