From the State Captain 2nd Semi-Annual 2012

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Patriot Guard and Associates:

I hope this note finds you all doing well, riding safely and enjoying the warm weather.

I wanted to share some information with you:

Since January 1st, we have completed 78 missions and done so with integrity, professionalism and  honor!  I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for all you to do honor our Veterans and 1st Responders!

Full flags and escorts: When performing escorts, there are three major components:
    • Safety- weather, traffic, Leo (law enforcement officer) escort, highway vs. back roads, etc.


    • The wishes of the family or agency requesting the service


  • Availability of members and how best to honor the Veteran or 1st Responder.

I take all of these factors into considering when deciding if an escort will be provided.  One other additional factor is making sure we do not have too many on an escort if we are providing a Flag Line at the final stage so that we have members on the line and not all in the escort.

My primary concern is always safety and with more vehicles/bikes in escorts and with very limited assistance from law enforcement, it is a significant concern as many of the funeral homes proceed through red traffic lights.  Additionally, when traveling on highways, the merging of oncoming traffic and large processions are always a safety issue.

One way to address many of the above components is to limit the amount of vehicles/bikes in an escort.  To this end, I limit some of the escorts to Full Flags, which means 3×5 flags.  In addition to the safety issue, it is also a very professional look while in a procession.  Any member who has Full Flags can participate in an escort but must notify the Ride Captain of that mission ahead of time

As we’ve heard, some of our membership is having issues receiving email from us… to help rectify that situation we’ve explored different avenues to deliver the mission messages. One we’ve successfully tested is via TXT to phones. If you would like to receive texts to your phone you must send a txt message to from your mobile device. To cut down on the amount you would receive via the text you will only receive the Subject, and the information for the Staging

Many of you know our own PGR store leader Joanne “Dimples” Fuller.  Dimples will be heading off for some rest and retirement to Maine shortlyand she has asked if anyone has an interest in taking over the store.  Should you have an interest and want more information, please contact her directly at or 207-939-9196.

On a personal note, many of you know I travel quite a bit for work and I have had the opportunity to do missions in 9 other states in the past year.  Our PGR brothers and sisters are terrific all over the US and our organization is strong, proud and professional across this great nation no matter where you may need our services.  Please do take a moment to reflect on how important our services are and that you make a tremendous difference in the lives of others and honoring those who have served.
This from a brother PGR member who is from another state but asked PGR of CT to stand for his Father who had passed here in CT:
“Brother, I cannot thank you and your CT team enough!  OMG you folks rock!  I called on such short notice thinking there was not enough time for a Flag Line and it being a working day, just thought I might be able to get a few out with Flags for the cemetery.  I got an escort, Flag Line at church, escort to cemetery and Flag Line in cemetery and you all pulled it off in 3 days!  Seriously…being on the other side of the Line for the 1st time…..AWESOME!  God bless you Brother and my Dad would have been so proud
Again, thank you for all that you do and be sure to send your friends , family and potential  members to our website for information about PGR of CT.
With thanks,


Gregg “Flag 7” Barratt


Patriot Guard Riders


Connecticut State Captain