From The State Captain – 12/15/2012

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I would like to thank you so very much for your emails, calls, and kind words and especially for such a tragedy like this in Connecticut .

I will share with you that I was on scene of this incident today as part of a Traumatic Stress Crises response and while many are struggling to make sense of such a tragedy, I saw resiliency, a sense of community and some outstanding hero’s in our 1st responders.

The Patriot Guard understands the anguish caused by such protest groups that threaten to disrupt sacred and very personal events that touch the heart of each one of us. However, the Patriot Guard is not a counter-protest group. Our mission statement is based on being the invited guests of the family of fallen Military and First Responders.

We (PGR) receive numerous emails regarding planned protests on a daily basis. However, as stated above, the PGR is not a counter protest group. These types of threats for such tragic events as this, regrettably do not fall within our mission statement.
We (PGR) have found that these protesters rely on community reaction and media response, which is their real goal. These groups rely on well-meaning, patriotic individuals like yourself, to spread the word of their “planned” protest. Most of the time these groups do not show, unless there is a media presence. They put out flyer’s through various electronic means, to cause anguish in the hearts of the families and friends of our fallen Heroes.

I will also share with you that I have personally spoken to local and state authorities and will absolutely do what we can to support them within our mission.

I do need your help!! Please do not contact the local authorities directly…as you can well imagine they are overwhelmed and calls or emails from our membership is distracting them from the task at hand of healing a community and helping others.

I thank each and every one of you for your concern during this most difficult time for not only Connecticut but our nation.

With thanks,


Gregg “Flag 7” Barratt

Patriot Guard Riders

ConnecticutState Captain