Patriot Guard Riders of CT & Flag Captain Requesting Assistance

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Patriot Guard members and associates:

As the Flag Captain, I am coming to the membership for your assistance.  This assistance is just not for me, but it is for the most honorable organization I have ever participated with as a member.  I am proud to be Connecticut Patriot Guard.  This pride is instilling in my to go above and beyond to help my fellow Patriot Guard members to succeed in doing what we do. 

To do this, I need your assistance.  My goal is to coordinate the logistics of flags for our missions and flag lines. We are seeking volunteers to help us coordinate the logistics of the flags. We have had two members volunteer so far. Our goal is to strategically locate the flags throughout Connecticut, in key locations, i.e. Police Departments, member homes, etc. The volunteers will help transport the flags to the missions. Please contact me directly to learn more about our needs and how you can help with the logistics of flags.

Thank you,

Don Camden