Revisions and additions

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The goals for these posts: Behind the Scenes

Pleased to announce the actual navigational buttons have been updated.  The goal is to make them more 2D to 3D – within reason.

A “Newsfeed” RSS has been established on the right hand side to enable News Announcements to be more prevalent and will be maintained current.   Because of this new RSS feed on the site, the news button on the left hand side has been removed.

A new navigational button has been established for “News Archives” and can be found on the left hand side of the site.  This will include the older, out of date news announcements.

At the bottom of the site, “Recently Updated Pages” has been added.  The email that is sent to those who subscribe to the site updates only includes new posts, not pages.  Unfortunately there is not a way to include the “Recently Updated Pages” to the subscription emails.  Therefore, if new pages are added, they will be included in a “Site Updates” message – which is a post format.  If there are changes to the pages, these changed pages will be included in “Recently Updated Pages” area at the bottom of the site.

Remember….if you have questions or ideas, please feel free to contact me.