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It is the responsibility of the State Captain to ensure that a Safety Captain is assigned and conducting their duties on each mission within their area of responsibility.  The Safety Captain’s primary responsibility is to ensure the mission ride is as safe as possible.  Safety is very important for Patriot Guard Riders of CT and adheres to National Patriot Guard Riders Ride Safety. Guidelines.

Responsibilities of the Safety Captain

  • Ensure that all PGR safety requirements  are completed

  • Active interaction with Ride Captain, LEO, Riders, and others as required

  • Pre-Ride all routes if practical Conduct Safety

  • Briefing before ride per as necessary

  • Provide feedback to Ride Captain, State Captain as required

  • Ensure that other group rides in conjunction with the mission have safety briefings and a safety captain assigned.

Patriot Guard Riders of CT Safety Officer/Captain:
Greg Young
telephone:  860-388-2041