State Captain Announcement

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Patriot Guard and Associates:

I hope this note finds you all doing well, riding safely and enjoying the warm weather.

We have certainly been extremely busy the past few months and I would once again like to take the time to thank each and every one of you that have been out at Honor missions, Special Missions and events like the Chili cook off where over $9,000 was raised for PGR of CT to help us support and give back to our Veterans/1st Responders. Whether you make one mission a year or 20, I certainly appreciate all that you do.

With so many missions happening each week, I wanted to take a moment to re-emphasize how we go about calling a mission and how I prioritize our attendance.

There are several categories of activities we participate in: Honor Missions, Special Missions and attend on your own events. To help prioritize our attendance and role, I use the below criteria to help guide me. While not all requests are clear cut, I will use my discretion and I am certainly open to your feedback.

    1. Honor Missions are our priority. For those who may be new, any matters that pertain to Veterans/1st Responders funerals or any KIA (Killed In Action), take precedence over all that we do. Should we have two at the same time, we will call missions on both and ask members to attend the one that works best for them. Of note, when I speak with event organizers of Special Missions, I always inform them that should an Honor Mission come in, that will be our priority and we will stand down on Special Missions should one of these arise at the same time.


    1.  Special Missions: Special missions where Veterans and or 1st Responders are present. These are events that we label HOTH or Help On The Home front and they can range from Welcome home, Troop send off’s to escorts to Veteran/1st Responder celebrations. We do our best to attend as many as we can, but as you can imagine, we cannot possibly attend the great many requests that we get each and every week.


  1. Attend on your own: These may be Veteran or 1st Responder related events that could be fundraisers or for a specific cause to benefit others. In these cases, we do not call a “mission” but may help to publicize it and ask members to attend on their own if they so choose.

Again, thank you for all that you do and be sure to send your friends , family and potential members to our website for information about PGR of CT.

With thanks,

Gregg “Flag 7” Barratt

Patriot Guard Riders

Connecticut State Captain