State Captain Message regarding National Website

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Picture2From: Gregg Barratt

Date: Tue, Sept 24, 2013

Patriot Guard and Associates:I am very excited to share with you that a brand new National Patriot Guard Website is ready to launch!

The transition will occur Sunday the 29th and Monday the 30th with the current site being down for that time period.

When you go to the new site for the first time there are some steps you need to take: All members will need to reset their password as none of the existing passwords could be transferred. Additionally, you will be required to read and agree to the Terms of Use policy, a Ride Waiver Release of Liability form and a couple other housekeeping items like completing your profile if anything is missing. 

Once you have successfully completed those, you’ll be in the brand new world of a state of the art PGR web site.  Over time you will see how versatile and powerful the new site is. 

An announcement and instructions are currently posted on the National Site

With thanks,

Gregg “Flag 7” Barratt
Patriot Guard Riders
Connecticut State Captain