Statewide-Important Information Regarding Staff Sgt. Todd J. Lobraico Jr Mission

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Patriot Guard and Associates:

We need your help! As you are all aware, we have lost another Hero here in CT who was tragically Killed In Action while proudly serving our country and the Mission has been sent and updated.

Staff Sgt. Todd J. Lobraico Jr., 22, of New Fairfield, Conn., died Sept. 5, 2013, from wounds sustained when enemy forces attacked his unit with small arms fire near Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. He was assigned to the 105th Security Forces Squadron at Stewart Air National Guard Base, N.Y.

I just returned from a planning session with all the agencies involved and wanted to bring you up to speed and share some important logistical information. They are expecting a very large turnout over the two days:

 • Both parents are military with the Father USAF MSgt and the Mother USAF Major from different units so we will have a large military presence.

 • The Father is also a Police Officer in Stamford so the 1st responder community will also have a very significant participation level.

 ·The family is very well known in the area.

 Thursday 9/12-Calling hours

 ·The calling hours will be from 1230hrs to 1900hrs with 1230hrs to 1445hrs private for friends, family, military dignitaries and police. Public will have access from 1500hrs on. We will set up our Flag Line on the early side for those who plan on coming early. I will be on site at 0900hrs.

 ·I realize this is a very long Flag Line so please attend whatever time you can and we will provide breaks throughout the day. Water will be provided.

 ·This Flag Line will be indoors so you can dress accordingly.

 ·Parking will be very limited so please follow the directions at the bottom of this statewide.

 ·Bikes are encouraged for parking purposes.

 Friday 9/13- Funeral

 ·The Flag Line will be outside.

 ·We will set up the Flag Line right at 1000hrs

 ·Once the service starts, we will head to the cemetery which is about an hour away and parking is very limited. We will be looking for approximately 15 bikes to assist the traffic detail with blocking intersections and will determine that the morning of.

 ·Bikes are encouraged for parking purposes.

 Parking both days:

 ·Very limited and there will be secured areas we cannot access.

 ·If you have anything that can identify you as PGR (patch, armband, sticker) have it with you. Officials will allow you to park across from Gate #4 across from the gym, to the right on a grass area near the football field if you identify as PGR and we will have this marked. This will fill up quickly so you may end up parking in any free area and having to walk a distance.

While I make it a point to not encourage participation for any one Mission over another, we are really going to need your help and participation with this one to the provide support to friends and family while honoring this Hero.

 I fully appreciate we are a volunteer organization and we all have commitments that must be kept but if you are able to come out for any portion of the services for this Hero on Thursday or Friday it will be much appreciated by your peers as well as the family who are so very thankful that we are Standing the Line for their son, brother and friend.

 With thanks in advance,

 Gregg “Flag 7” Barratt

 Patriot Guard Riders

 Connecticut State Captain