WHAT A SATURDAY! (1/28/2012)

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What a Saturday!

A huge thank you to the so many of you that were out at:

A) One of three events

B) Two of three events

C) Three of three events!

It is a real testimony to the strength of our leadership team and to our members that we are able to not only effectively do all three events, but do it with professionalism and honor!


Under the leadership of Madmike (Michael Freedman- Ride Captain) and with help from many PGR leaders and others, $8k was raised for the Greg Caron fundraiser! And, I hear the chili wasn’t too bad either!  Great effort!

The fund raiser for SFC Green Beret Mark Holbert in Danbury raised over…$183,000! Unreal amount. We were part of the escort [Mac (Mac MacArthur –  ASC) didn’t even look cold] and Jeff (Jeff Hartke – ASC) ran a great Flag Line.

Jeff and Mac then raced to Guilford to the Honor Mission for “Red” Woodworth, then raced once again to the Chili cook off. I think we might need to invest in a rolling tanker re-fueling system!

Again, thank you for all you do as leaders of this terrific organization!

Thank you to all Patriot Guard Riders of CT members who participated in these events.  You all help Connecticut Patriot Guard excel in the services we provide.

Gregg “Flag 7″ Barratt
Patriot Guard Riders
Patriot Guard Riders of CT