From the State Captain RE: Chili Cookoff

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April 30, 2012

Patriot Guard and Associates

What a terrific weekend for our PGR fundraiser at the Chili-Cook off in Somers. Braving some strong wind gusts, we had a great turnout and fun was had by all. I would like to thank all the PGR members that took the time to come out and volunteer at this outstanding event. Whether you made it for a few hours or were able to make the entire time, I thank you ever so much for your time and energy to make this a successful event. I would like to also personally thank both Mike Freedman for leading the overall weekend and for Kevin Wakely for his leadership organizing the PGR volunteers. Once again, I appreciate all you did helping us to help others!

Many of you have asked about events/parades for Memorial Day. To date, I have had 13 parade requests and 8 Flag Line requests for ceremonies. As you can imagine, our participation at all of this is an impossibility and to choose one over another, is setting a precedent that I am not comfortable doing. With that said, you are more than welcome to attend any parade or event that you would like on your own. I do know some members have traditionally had some groups attend some parades such as Old Saybrook or Ansonia and you are certainly more than welcome to do that and network with other members. Please keep in mind this is strictly an attend on your own and not a special mission nor sponsored by PGR of CT.

We do have quite a few Special Missions coming up. To give you as much advanced notice, we will post these on the calendar feature on our website,, as soon as I get them but not send out the actual mission until a week or so ahead. Past practice has shown that if we send missions out too early, folks may forget or have it get lost in their email so if you have not done so already, please take the time to look at the CT website.

Several you have inquired about brochures, how people can join, or have had friends and family members ask how they can request a mission. All the information contained in our brochures, joining PGR and to request a mission with contact information, is all contained in a very easily viewed format on our website. Please direct others to our site for all of the pertinent information about PGR of CT.

I will end as I began…with a thank you for all you do for others. We continue to have many missions per week that include doubles on some days and with a great deal of traveling from one end of the state to another. What you do makes a huge difference to Veterans, 1st Responders and their families.

If you ever doubt the impact we have have for the services we provide, please see the quote below from our own PGR member, Freedom Rider USA and Police Officer Dave Anderson who sent me the following note after the burial of PGR member Ssgt/CPO Tim Comfort, who was a close friend of Dave’s.

From Dave Anderson:
“Gregg: I know I have said it before but thanks again so much for PGR at Tim’s Funeral. I got to see 1st hand from the opposite side of the Flag Line how just how much of an impact that Flag Line has. It was overwhelming to come out of the church after the service and see all the Flags lined up. What an honor and thanks for what you do”

With thanks,

Gregg “Flag 7” Barratt
Patriot Guard Riders
Connecticut State Captain