FRIDAY 05/17/2019
Patriot Guard and Associates;
Sadly we have been called to Stand in Honor for William Grosskortehaus, Radioman 2nd Class US Navy Cold War 1970-1974.
Significant Duty Stations include Naval Training School (Radioman) San Diego, Ca, and the USS OUELETT DE(FF) 1077.
Significant Awards include The Presidential Unit Citation, and the National Defense Service Medal.
We will Stand a Flag Line for the arrival of family and friends for the Memorial Service. 
SC Mac McArthur will be RCIC with Flags and Water on site. 
God Bless America, Our Troops, and Our First Responders.
William F. Petras III (Skip)

Assistant State Captain
CT Patriot Guard Riders
860-463-5316 (cell)
860-358-9648 (fax)

Thank You re: Wreaths Across America

Today was an amazing day… The 10th anniversary of the Wreaths Across America Event at CT State Veterans Cemetery, and the First time that we have covered the entire cemetery with a Wreath at each resting place that was able to receive a Wreath. There was quite a bit of preparation leading up to this day. With the fundraising by various people and groups, the volunteers that helped unload the tractor trailers when the wreaths arrived in Middletown, and the volunteers that re-loaded the wreaths onto the trucks for transport to the cemetery and the volunteers who again unloaded the trucks and distributed the wreaths to the appropriate cemetery sections. There seems to be a theme here…. Volunteers. Without the Volunteers that assisted these past months, the outcome certainly could have been different. A lot of time and effort was expended leading up to this day.

Then the placement of Wreaths on the Veterans final resting place….. Again it took an army of volunteers to do that as well. The final result was was nothing short of amazing.

A huge Thank You to the members of the CT PGR, NL MC Club, and various other groups and individuals who came out and stood the flag line and to the first timers, we hope to see you on future flag lines.

Wishing you the happiest of Holidays, and a Safe Happy and Healthy New Year…..

William F. Petras III (Skip)
Assistant State Captain
CT Patriot Guard Riders
860-463-5316 (cell)

Card of Thanks Re: NERCC 2016

Card of Thanks Re: NERCC 2016

Mac, Kat and I want to offer our most sincere gratitude for a job well done by all Patriot Guard that attended the NERCC or helped the day before.
I didn’t specifically say just CT as there were a few other states present. Although as always, PGR CT took a commanding lead.
On Friday (day before), there were people waiting when I arrived on site at 0800. On Saturday, when I arrived at 0515 on site there were people waiting.
We were amazed at the efforts that were shown this year. For the first time in several years I watched Kat enjoy herself a little. Jim and Steve were never far from her side and that made my life easier.
I can not say enough about my brother Mark Brundage. Early to arrive, late to leave and in pain most of the time. Delegating tasks like a true leader and always with a smile.
Special thanks to SC Mac McArthur and ASC Jack Casey for their tireless efforts behind the scenes. There is no way we could do what we do without the tireless efforts of Marcia Young. Many emails, phone call’s and texts…and she accomplished it all.
Lest I forget, we also had two PGR/ICS chili cooks. Bob Stone VP N.E. and CT ASC Skip Petras both made chili for the masses and the judges. BOTH were very good.
Due to all of your efforts, this was a very successful mission.
Thank you to all PGR that participated in any way. You made our dream come true….again.
Kat and Michael Freedman www.chilict.com


Note of Thanks Re:



Last night the PGR stood a flag line at the official Welcome Home and Freedom Salute Ceremony for members of my unit, the 192nd MP BN (and also the 143rd RSG). There have been a couple of times I have been honored to stand a flag line with the PGR, and it’s a privilege to be amongst other patriots when doing so.

I cannot express my gratitude to those who proudly stood on either side of the stage, Flag in hand. After 4 deployments, this is the second time I’ve been proud to have been the recipient of the PGRs honoring Veterans (my other two deployments were Desert Storm and OIF 1, before we had these ceremonies).

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you all for your services last night, but mostly, for all the times you have taken out of your lives to honor my brothers and sisters in arms.

I hope to be standing tall with you again soon!
God bless you all.
192nd MP BN BN Plans NCO

Thanks from The Elks Lodge

Thanks from The Elks Lodge

Thanks so much for the participation of the Patriot Guard Riders in our BBQ.  Your group has become an important and really indispensable part of the program.  We appreciation the PGR so very much.
Please extend my thank to your members.  FYI, will probably be June 20 next year.
All the best;
Phil Sengle

Note of Appreciation for Paul Thibeault Honor Mission

Note of Appreciation for Paul Thibeault Honor Mission

I would like to thank the CT Patriot Guard Riders from the deepest part of my heart for leading my fathers funeral on Monday.  My father was honored in the most beautiful way and all of you made that happen!

Judy Dimes

Thank you for mission in honor of Armando “Red” Mirto

Thank you for mission in honor of Armando “Red” Mirto


Dear CT Patriot Guard,

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your participation at the funeral of my grandfather. As an active member in veteran organizations he would have been extremely proud.

Many members of my family have commented on the beauty and pride of the flag stand. Coming over the hill to the cemetery and seeing the flags flying proudly is a sight none of us will ever forget.

As a veteran myself, I never truly appreciated the bond of brotherhood between veterans until I saw it first hand. To have so many your members standing in the very frigid temperatures on Christmas Eve is something to which no words can express.

May god bless each and every member of the Patriot Guard and their families.

Patrick & Christine Mirto & Family

Thank You Note


Sorry it took me so long to write.  I wanted to express my sincerest thanks to you and the CT Patriot Guard for all that you did for my father, and CT Patriot Guard Member, Joseph Swiatek’s funeral service.  It was incredibly heartwarming to see the expression of patriotism and support, and we cannot thank you enough.

Kind Regards,
Christine Swiatek

Thank You Note From Mission for Robert Pilletere

Thank You Note From Mission for Robert Pilletere
” Thank you so much for making the memorial service for Robert Pilletere so special.
The show of flags was spectacular and I’ve had many compliments on the beauty bestowed.
We know Bob wold have been so pleased.
Brenda Pilletere and family”

A Note of Appreciate regarding LTCol Tom Budrejko Mission

Thank youSept 23, 2013
A Note of Appreciation

From: Catherine Alexander
Subject: A note of appreciation

To the Patriot Guard Riders,

My brother, LTCol Tom Budrejko, was laid to rest a year and a half ago in New Britain, CT. Even though it has been so long, I wanted to say Thank You for your presence at his funeral. It was one of the most breath taking moments when we pulled up at the church, and later the cemetery, to see you surrounding my brother and our family with your flags and protection.

I know he felt honored by you being there, just as we all did. It was a truly humbling experience. Thank you for all you do for our veterans!


Catherine Alexander