EXTREMELY SHORT NOTICE***HONOR MISSION***William A. Keidel, BT3, US Navy, 1400 hrs, 28 February, 2015, Naugatuck, CT

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William A. Keidel, BT3, US Navy

1400 hrs, 28 February, 2015

Naugatuck, CT


Patriot Guard and Associates,


Sadly we are called to stand a Flag Line for William A. Keidel, BT3, US Navy, who served honorably during the Viet Nam Era. He was stationed aboard the USS Wright, CC-2 and was awarded the National Defense Service Medal.


We will provide a Flag Vehicle Escort from the funeral home to the church, and provide a Flag Line at the church. Interment will be at the convenience of the family.


RCIC will be Linda Liversidge-Daley, and flags will be on site.


STAGE ONE: Flag Vehicles should stage at the funeral home at 1315 hrs, escort to leave about 1340 hrs.


Buckmiller Thurston Menacci Funeral Home

82 Fairview Ave.

Naugatuck, CT 06770


STAGE TWO:  Flag line to stage at 1300 hrs at the church.


St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

210 Church St.

Naugatuck, CT 06770


God Bless America, our Troops and First Responders.




Mac “MAC” McArthur

State Captain, PGR CT

Patriot Guard Riders