Help with a wedding ceremony requested (attend on your own)

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My name is Cheryl Weaver and I am the fiancé of Frank Docimo, who is a member of the Connecticut Patriot Guard.
I am writing because of our unexpected wedding ceremony this Wednesday (June 27). We originally planned to marry in October, but Frank learned on Friday that because of a major change in his employment contract which will take place on July 1, we must be married prior to that date or I will not be able to receive any spousal benefits, including healthcare coverage, which is a huge issue for us. For that reason, we are now getting married on Wednesday at 2pm in Kent. (Either at the covered bridge or at the falls.) We are having our guests meet at the Kent Town Hall by 1:30 pm and we will travel from there.
The reason I am writing to you is because despite the rushed efforts and limited time to put this wedding together, I would like to do something special for Frank. And I thought it would be great to have the Patriot Guard Members join the procession from the town hall to the wedding location and join us at the ceremony.
Please let me know if this would be possible. I would like to keep it as a surprise for Frank. And it would be difficult for me to talk by phone without him hearing the conversation. So could we correspond by email?
If you do need to talk by phone, my number is 717-816-1057. If you could text me or email me before you call, that would be great.
Thanks for your consideration in this matter.
Cheryl E. Weaver