How To Request A Mission

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Thank you for considering the Patriot Guard Riders of CT services.  We are honored. It is important to know the Patriot Guard only attends missions by request.

We will never self-impose our services without a request.  All requests for funeral missions must come from the immediate family or their representative (i.e: Casualty Assistance Officer or Funeral Director).  During the difficult time of losing a loved one, the Patriot Guard recognizes that the families get all kinds of people asking for or offering things to them, we know it can be very overwhelming and emotional. It is for that reason we have a policy that no Patriot Guard Riders will make first contact or solicit with families.

All requests for send-off and welcome home missions for military units must come from the unit’s command structure. Individual welcome home missions can come from a family member or the family representative.

To request a Patriot Guard Riders mission we ask that as much information as you have be provided.  For your convenience you can use this form, click here:  Request Services Form

  1. Your name and relation to the one(s) the flag line is being requested for
  2. Who is the mission for?
  3. Branch of service
  4. Contact phone number
  5. The location of the event
  6. Date and time of the event

Usually we request we be 48 hours advance notice, however we know that is not always possible.   The 48 hour rule will be waived when necessary, although it is a rule, it is NOT a hard fast rule. We have never turned down a request made for Patriot Guard Riders of CT to stand a flag line to honor our heroes.   Semper Gumby – Always Flexible – is the key to our success.

The Patriot Guard Riders is not a official honor guard and does not perform the honor guard ceremony at funerals. There have been times we have been asked to act as pall bearers.  We will make every effort to fulfill invitation for Patriot Guard Riders services.

Missions must be approved by the State Captain or Assistant State Captain before being posted with our national organization, listed on the state website, listed on Facebook, or sent on Twitter.  Once you have submitted your request, usually a Ride Captain will contact you as will contact you as quickly as possible to discuss the mission.   A Ride Captain will begin mission planning.

To request the services of the Patriot Guard Riders of CT contact:





Fax: 860-345-3654

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