Mission Planning

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State Captain and/or Ride Captain will perform the following tasks to plan the mission:

  1. Contact the family, point of contact for the family, and the military Casualty Assistance Officer.
  2. Contact funeral director (and Law Enforcement Officers – if necessary).
  3. Discuss the route and timing of the funeral procession from the funeral home, church, and cemetery.  This is important so that timing of the Patriot Guard Riders of Connecticut can be synchronized with arrival timing at each location. (i.e. as the procession leaves the funeral home or the church, is a direct route being taken to the cemetery or is a specific route being taken).
  4. Maintain ongoing contact with the family, POC, CAO, LEO, and funeral directors.
  5. Perform a recon mission to scout the church and cemetery before funeral date.
  6. Choose appropriate staging area(s).  
  7. Work with LEO to choose a safe procession route.
  8. If requested, arrange and provide escort from airport to funeral home or area of reception.
  9. If requested, arrange and provide escort from funeral home or church to cemetery or point of arrival to area of reception.
  10. Arrange for flag line participation for funeral home, church, and/or cemetery
  11. Plan for line-up at the funeral site prior to start of the funeral service.
  12. Arrange for flag truck to transport flags to cemetery after funeral service starts.

NOTE TO RIDE CAPTAINSYou can find a helpful checklist, for your convenience here:  Mission Checklist.

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