Letter of appreciation from Ann Carr Wife of the late William R. Carr

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Orginially posted by Connecticut Patriot Guard Gratitude Expressions on Monday, June 6, 2011 at 4:48pm
June 2, 2011

The Patriot Guard of Connecticut

How does one say thank you? I can’t explain how much I appreciate the PGR being there for Bill at the end of his life and then as we laid him to rest. The heart’s of your member’s burn with a light of dedication that goes beyond the norm of life.

Bill’s brothers were very proud and Randy was especially proud to ride with all of you. Bill got Randy interested in the PGR and Randy sought out the PGR in Indiana. The kindred spirit runs strong and deep.

I know that your contribution to Bill in life and in his passing would have made him very proud and I did not fail in my endeavor to do all that I could to complete Bill’s last wishes and that included your presence. I never expected your numbers and remain in awe of that support.

The family was so thankful for Patti, for her presence among us and all that she was able to help with and all we got done in preparing for Bill’s service. She knew who to call and was well able. Bob, be sure to thank whoever else was involved in the bike work which so needed to be done. I only knew what Bill had planned for the spring but we never got too.

You are commended by the family for the wonder work of support that you do and we will be forever grateful.

Jack, for all the work he just finished for the Town of Morris, I promise that I will help open the doors of the Clerk’s offices to help get this job you have taken on moving forward more easily. As I begin to search for these families I know they will be pleased and proud to receive the honor forms.

Thanking each and every one of you for all that you helped with for Bill’s service.

Thank you
Ann Carr
Wife of the late William R. Carr