Mission: SSG Edwin Rivera

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Orginially Posted by by Connecticut Patriot Guard on Friday, July 2, 2010 at 7:50pm

SSG Edwin Rivera KIA Afghanistan Waterford CT

To Bob Stone and the Patriot Guard,

thank you for the outstanding job you did in honoring and protecting the dignity of the service.


I want to thank you for all you have done Saturday. It was a very emotional experience for me and I was deeply moved by all the people I saw along the route honoring our fallen hero. As a parent of a soldier that recently spent a year over in Afghanistan (my son was part of the first wave of CT 102 deployment in the infantry), I know the daily anxiety that come with the dread of a parent’s worst nightmare. It is people like you, who have the dignity and drive, to sacrifice so much personal time in leading an effort such as PGR, that makes life a little more bearable, for those who are personally affected by these tragic events. You have my most sincere respect for what you do.

I know I have already expressed it but it could never be enough to tell you how much your Patriot Guards presence was felt yesterday. Thank you for what you do and just know that it is sincere

Jim and Bob, please pass this around to all the folks that showed up today, or any day. I received this from one of my co-workers. This truly means a lot. Karen

“You gotta tell your Patriot Guard people and the New London Motorcycle Club; that was incredible. I didn’t expect that kind of showing from them. What they do for our fallen soldiers at these funerals is just awesome. When we got to the cemetery, I was looking around for you, and I realized we were enveloped in red, white, & blue. And you guys are so respectful. Just awesome.”

Captain Stone

Mere words of thank you cannot express the deep gratitude we have in our hearts for the honor and dignity shown by your organization for Staff Sergeant Rivera and his family.
Please extend our thanks to the Riders.

God bless you.
With deepest respect –
SFC (Ret) Margaret Wolk


Thank you to ALL who supported our Hero and his family this week it has meant a lot to them.