MISSION: SSG Eric McMenamin

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Orginially posted by Connecticut Patriot Guard on Friday, July 2, 2010 at 7:56pm
SSG Eric McMenamin 39 US Army & CTANG

Dear Mr. Bob Stone,
I received in the mail today the beautiful plaque dedicated to my husband whom you and the Patriot Guard Riders escorted to his final resting place in the Veterans Cemetery in Middletown on June 25th.

My husband would have been honored and proud to have you with him, and I, for him want to humbly thank you for being there for Erik and my family. My friends and family were amazed and humbled by your dedication and support that day. It is truly a blessing to have had you and your fellow riders with me.

I am a soldier’s wife; and my husband was proud to be in service for our great nation and to others. On a side note, my birthday is July 4, 1976. I am truly blessed to have been born on this day, and to have married a wonderful soldier.

God Bless you and the Patriot Guard Riders!

Freedom is not free!

Regards, Ann-Marie McMenamin and SSG Erik McMenamin


I wanted to thank you for organizing the mission for Eric. Everyone in attendance was moved, from the formation to the procession to the reverence at the burial, I had to thank each Guard member personally afterwards. Thank you so very much this was something we could give back to Eric for his love of this country and his service to all. My eyes still swell when I think of reverence shown.