Patriot Guard Gratitude

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Connecticut Patriot Guard Gratitude Expressions on Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 1:17pm

Heading South by Bubba316

I am the guy you’ve seen with the Black Harley Roadglide with Vermont plates, and the short shaggy white beard, at many missions over the last 3 years.

My first mission was Keith Heidtmans Funeral in Norwich in 2007…

My spouse has been offered a better job, and the Agency I work for has approved my request for transfer, even though to get the transfer, I had to Volunteer for the Bomb Disposal Unit…I am leaving Connecticut and moving to Tampa Florida in a couple weeks.

Before I go I want to express my appreciation for the privilage it has been to stand and Honor the Heroes who serve our country. A special acknowledgement to Bob Stone for his gift of Leadership, and ease of making you feel like a friend. I typically do not join groups, Bob’s leadership made me feel at home in the PGR.

Another shout out goes to RC Kevin Wakely, who was a huge help, and good friend when my Harley Tranny siezed up this summer. Kevin’s just a great Guy to have a Cold Beer with. (Kevin, you are a guy, right?)

RC Greg Young and his young wife “Perky” always made me smile.

Fred Fricke….well what can you say about Fred? Thanks for the friendship, I always liked seeing you and I am truly sorry about putting your name on the “Do not Fly List”….I’ve tried to take it off of the list, but apparently getting it off is a bit of a difficulty. My advice??? Bring some Vaseline along next time you check in for a flight! The strip search will be much more comfortable if you have some lubrication…

Seriously, so many great people who go the distance to make the CT PGR what it is. Joanne, Jack, Bobby, all of you are Great Americans…I will remember all of you with Fondness… Wayne Nelson “Bubba316”