PGR – Thank You re: Koonz Mission

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From Jay Koonz – Patriot Guard Rider

I would like to personally thank all the CT PGR members that showed up for my father’s service on May 18th.

I know a bunch of you showed up specifically because it was my relative, and I am especially grateful for those efforts. The whole family was impressed. One sister told me she almost cried when she saw all the flags, and another told me it lent a sense of dignity to the service. One of my brothers questioned me at length about the PGR, and he walked the flag line afterwards thanking everyone.

I also heard multiple comments from others about how impressed they were. I talked to the woman from the Funeral Home, explaining how the PGR works, and she also was very impressed with us and what we do. It’s been a rough couple months for me, with my best riding buddy dying in a motorcycle accident a few months ago. Many of you stood the line at his service also, and I thank you all for that also. Once again, I’d like to thank all my friends that came out, you made the day a little easier for a lot of people.


Jay Koonz

Ural Rider