RE: Matthew Tooker.

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Orginially posted by by Connecticut Patriot Guard Gratitude Expressions on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 6:20pm
I am a resident of Naugatuck CT.

Today, by sheer chance, I happened to drive past the Alderson Funeral Home just at the hour your members were assembled outside to honor the fallen hero inside. I had not yet opened the local paper, so I had no idea who was being honored or why you were there, but it was indeed an awesome and stirring sight. The bikes lined up, the flags with their various sentiments, the respect that was so obvious – it was all very inspiring.

My daughter asked me what was happening; she assumed the funeral was for a motorcycle enthusiast. I explained that I wasn’t sure but I thought it was because the funeral was for a veteran and the motorcycle clubs were there to protect the family from protestors (in my opinion, despicable protestors). It was quite a teaching moment, as we discussed the issue as we drove along.

Upon reading the local paper, the Citizen’s News, this afternoon, I now know Matthew Tooker’s story, and that indeed, the flags and motorcycles we saw were from your organization. I took a moment to read your mission on your website – to honor and respect our veterans and to peacefully protect their families from unwanted intrusions — and I wanted to send you this SINCERE THANK YOU for what your organization does.