*** Special Mission- Welcome Home***, USMC LCpl David Jensen , and US Army Spc Eric Haury, East Hampton, CT. SAT APR 13th 1100hrs

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*** Special Mission- Welcome Home***

USMC LCpl David Jensen and US Army Spc Eric Haury

East Hampton, CT. SAT APR 13th 1100hrs

Patriot Guard and associates,

 We are pleased to have been asked to participate in a Hero’s welcome home for USMC LCpl. David Jensen and US Army Spc Eric Haury who are returning from deployment in Afghanistan.

USMC LCpl. David Jensen graduated from Paris Island in 2010 and was trained as an aviation ordinance man and as an aerial refuel-er. He has worked on the C-130 attack gunships which are part of the Blue Angels.

Lance Corporal Jensen has just returned from duty in Afghanistan and has received many Medals, some of which are:

The Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

National Defense Service Medal

AFAG Campaign Medal

NATO Medal ISAF Afghanistan.

US Army Spc Eric Haury joined the Army in October of 2011 and entered basic training/AIT in July 2011 and graduated in September 2011.

He was stationed in Bamberg Germany and then was deployed to Afghanistan in June of 2012.  While in Afghanistan, Eric was injured and received a Purple Heart and was awarded a Combat Action Medal.

 We will provide a Flag Line for this Hero’s welcome home.


 RC/Flag Captain Don Camden will be RCIC and have Flags on site.

 Final Stage

1015hrs (staging)

Saturday April 13th

Yellow Ribbon Tree (in the area of 59 Main Street)

East HamptonCT


God Bless America, Our Troops and 1st Responders!

Gregg “Flag 7” Barratt

Patriot Guard Riders

Connecticut State Captain