*** Special Mission***Purple Heart Homes, SSgt Sandra Lee, U.S. Army. Sat, 7/27/2013

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*** Special Mission*** Purple Heart Homes

SSgt Sandra Lee, U S Army

Manchester, CT.

SAT JUL 27th 1500 hrs‏

Patriot Guard and associates,

We are pleased to have been asked to participate in a mission complete ceremony for the build and remodel of a home for SSgt Sandra Lee.

Lee was injured by an IED explosion while driving in a convoy. They returned to base, where she received medical assistance, and was released. Lee recounts, “Then literally, not two hours later, we were called to do sweeps of the main supply route for possible IEDs,” she said. “I remember thinking to myself, ‘This cannot be possible. I just got blown up.’ But my team and I pressed on, because that’s just what we did. We were soldiers: so we soldiered on.”

That was the first of four IED explosions by which Lee was injured..

She eventually got help. She spent six months as an in-patient at a hospital for PTSD. “My road to recovery has not been an easy one, not by any means, for me or any soldier who returned from Iraq or Afghanistan and fought for our freedom,” she said. “We returned home changed. Many of us returned physically, emotionally and mentally broken, and in bad need of repair. I know I did.”

We will stand a Flag Line for this Hero.

ASC Jack Casey will be RCIC and Flags will be on site.

Note: Neighborhood parking on streets available. Cornell will be blocked off and possibly other adjacent streets may be closed as 1500hrs approaches.

Final Staging

1400hrs (staging)

Saturday July 27th

14 Cornell Street

Manchester, CT

God Bless America, Our Troops and 1st Responders!


Gregg “Flag 7” Barratt

Connecticut State Captain