Thank you for mission in honor of Armando “Red” Mirto

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Thank you for mission in honor of Armando “Red” Mirto


Dear CT Patriot Guard,

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your participation at the funeral of my grandfather. As an active member in veteran organizations he would have been extremely proud.

Many members of my family have commented on the beauty and pride of the flag stand. Coming over the hill to the cemetery and seeing the flags flying proudly is a sight none of us will ever forget.

As a veteran myself, I never truly appreciated the bond of brotherhood between veterans until I saw it first hand. To have so many your members standing in the very frigid temperatures on Christmas Eve is something to which no words can express.

May god bless each and every member of the Patriot Guard and their families.

Patrick & Christine Mirto & Family