Thank you from Ken Burrows

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I’d like to take the opportunity to say “Thank You!” to all of the PGR members that were in attendance for my father’s funeral on Nov 15th, in Montville at the Woyasz & Son Funeral Home.  Being a PGR member, I’ve seen the impact the group on people when they see the flag line for the first time and what an impact it makes on the family & friends of the deceased.  It was no different for my family, everyone was very touched by their (PGR) presence both at the funeral home and at the Cemetery.  The escort from my parents home to the funeral home and to the cemetery is something I will not soon forget…especially since both my brother & I led the procession on our bikes.   I’m sure it made my father proud to be honored as he was that day. 

The other family members had not had the chance to experience the PGR’s presence before, and I believe they were all extremely impressed with the results.  I caught some flack from my sister when I mentioned that it was my wish to have the PGR show up, but she actually shook the hand of each of the members (then thanked me afterward), as did my brother-in-law & my wife when they saw me doing so.   My mother was also deeply moved (as we all were) when Kevin showed up at the house a few days later and presented her with a plaque from the PGR.

It was my dad’s wish to be buried in his Navy dress blues uniform.  When the uniform was removed from the closet to be cleaned, it was discovered that the tie was missing; and there was a mad scramble to find one (at such short notice).  When I left the funeral home (after making arrangements for the calling hours, memorial service, etc.) I headed to Groton and the home of the Sub Vet’s.  When I told the bartender (Tom) of our dilemma, he thought for a few minutes, then said he believed he had one at home & for me to return in the morning and pick it up.  When I arrived, Tom was not there but, when I told the woman behind the bar (Karen) my name, she immediately said, and I have a tie for you.  When she handed me a tie in a plastic bag, I thanked her and asked how much I owed Tom for the tie, her words were…”Nothing…your family is a part of our family; and we do what we can to help out our family whenever there is a need!”  I was at a loss for words but, I managed to get out “Thank you all very much!” and went on my way.

Ken Burrows, PGR member