Thank You Note from Family of Jimmy (James P Lee)

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     On behalf of my brother’s wife and his children and step children, I wish to offer thanks to my fellow PGR who stood the line for Jimmy (James P Lee) yesterday.  
Among the family and friends who commented to me, all were especially touched by the presence, your presence, and that of the rest of the guys, left a positive and special memory etched in our hearts. I am very proud to be part of PGR in Tennessee. Jimmy was proud of what we do, and I know he would have enjoyed that escort , flags snapping in the breeze and the roar of a few good bikes. Jimmy loved to sail, and yesterday was a sailor’s wind. 
Every family member thanked me for suggesting we invite you to this most private of moments in our lives. My niece Jackie (Jimmy’s oldest) said she was in awe and very impacted by the escort and the line. For it is my opinion that as PGR performs its duties, the family upon seeing those flags , is lost in a wonderful moment of escape from the hurt. Jackie and her brother both experienced that and you are respected by them to no end.
As in many cases, we don’t know the person we stand for.  so let me tell you a bit: Jimmy took on challenges, never gave up, stayed on target and delivered above and beyond expectations. He loved the ocean and sailing. He was happiest at the controls of a sail boat. He loved to cook, and work around the house building a deck onto the back of the house. That deck became visit central and round it, dug out a koi pond and he was always doing things like climbing out the window (during the last giant snow drop), to shovel the snow away from the door and to help the neighbors with their clean up.
Above all that, he was the guy I called when I had to share some good news or bad news.
Stand tall, you guys are appreciated and I know for a fact what it is like to have the line be for me and my family.  Perhaps this experience will help me be a better RCIC. I enjoyed meeting you all and I will stand a line with any of you anytime any place.  
Dennis E Lee US Navy Retired
Ride Captain – West Tennessee
Patriot Guard Riders